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Wray Common Primary School

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Year 4 Weekly Blog

This is the weekly blog for our Year 4 children.
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Week 7 – 18th May

Discovery Projects – complete by the end of the week

Family talk time

Look through old photos of previous celebrations that you and your family have taken part in. Can you remember what happened? Why do you and your families celebrate the way they do? Do you celebrate differently to other families? Share your happy memories and discuss your favourite celebrations.

Day of the Dead

It’s November 1st and you are in Mexico to celebrate Lo Dia de Los Muertos (The Day of the Dead)! This national holiday is one of Mexico’s most important festivals and celebrates the afterlife of our ancestors. Skeletons are a constant emblem for The Day of The Dead, called ‘Calacas’ and this week, you will be creating your own skull mask. You can use the template provided or if you have face-paints, you can create your own face design! I have also attached a PowerPoint presentation to give you more information about the festival and hopefully some ideas!


Week 6 – 11th May

Discovery Projects – complete by the end of the week

Time capsule!

Have you ever found something from a long time ago? We often learn about the past by discovering things. Why not make history by choosing to put things in a time capsule and burying them? Just think, in the future, somebody will find them and learn about what it was like at this moment in time.

You will need:

  • A strong, watertight container (something that will not biodegrade) that is big enough to hold the items you want to bury
  • A piece of paper
  • Objects to bury


  1. Decide on the items you would like to bury. You may wish to choose things to represent people in your family, your hobbies, holidays, house and more. Think about including a range of things; objects, pictures and written evidence.
  2. On the piece of paper, write a letter to the prospective finder. You may want to write about yourself and why you have chosen to bury the items – tell the finder about what has made history in 2020!
  3. Choose carefully where you are going to bury the time capsule with an adult.
  4. Who will find your time capsule? Will it be in your lifetime or not?


Attention Viking soldiers!

You urgently need to prepare for battle! Protect yourself against the enemy by either making a sturdy Viking helmet or a long boat, which will enable you and your fellow soldiers to cross the seas unharmed! I have included some step by step instructions for making a cardboard Viking helmet and for the longboat you can follow the link below:


Week 5 – 4th May

Discovery Projects – complete by the end of the week

Tasty artwork!

Investigate a range of different foods that may be good for creating interesting print patterns. Can you make repeated pattern prints for decorative purposes using various natural materials, e.g. potato printing? Alternatively, create some still life observational sketches of fruit. Look at the artwork of Giuseppe Arcimboldo for some inspiration.  Perhaps you could recreate some of his paintings with fruit – take photos and upload these to your folder!


Ramadan and Eid

On 23rd April, Muslims around the world began their month of fasting observing Ramadan in the build up to the celebration of Eid. This can be a difficult time for Muslims as they choose to fast (not eat or drink) during daylight hours as a way of thinking about those who are less fortunate than them. The end of Ramadan is celebrated with a big festival called Eid. Muslims are not only celebrating the end of fasting, but thanking Allah for the strength he gave them throughout the previous month. Mosques hold special services and a special meal is eaten during daytime (the first daytime meal for a month). Can you research the typical foods and meals that are eaten during this celebration? Can you make a poster to share your findings, or even a menu? Think about any similarities and differences between the food that you would typically eat and what Muslims eat during this celebration. The link below will give you a good starting point.


Week 4 – 27th April

Discovery Projects – complete by the end of the week

Knights of Year 4 gather round!

You need to design and create your own shield to prepare to enter into battle. Decorate your shield with your own Coat of Arms representing you and your family. Click on this link for ideas: https://www.english-heritage.org.uk/easter/preparing-for-easter-adventure-quests/our-guide-to-heraldry


Alternatively, if you fancy a more technical challenge, have a go at making an awesome dragon eye. Follow this youtube clip for step by step instructions.


Help George needs a coat! – Science

Help! It is raining in Londoninium and George is getting soaked through! Can you investigate a material that would be suitable for a coat? You will need to find some different materials and then test them to see if water soaks through them! Suggestions: tin foil, cloth, bubble wrap, kitchen roll, cling film…

Let us know which material George should use for his coat!

Week 3 – 20th April

Discovery Projects – complete by the end of the week

Interview your family member

Think about a family member who you would like to know a bit more about! Ask a family member the following questions:

  • Where did you grow up?
  • What school did you go to?
  • How was your childhood different to mine?
  • What is your favourite childhood memory?
  • What was your favourite toy or game growing up? Can you teach me the game?
  • Any other questions you can think of!



Look in old newspapers or magazines and find and cut words relating to family and what it means to you. Make a collage either on a piece of paper or using the following website to create a word cloud:


See step by step guide in work folder for instructions on how to use this website.

Week 2 – 30th March

Discovery Projects – complete by the end of the week

Understanding Others and Appreciating Differences

Which animals are considered to be sacred around the world and why? Who admires cows? Lions? Wolves? Which animals were important to the Egyptians and why? In your English book, choose a sacred animal and draw it. Write facts around the picture about what makes that animal sacred.


Awesome Art

Explore the artist Franz Marc. Find out who he was and what type of artist he was. What did he like to create pictures of? Look at some of his paintings online. Then choose an animal to draw and add colour to, in a similar style to his. What do you think of his paintings? Do you like your finished piece of artwork? Why?/Why not? Send us a comment on the blog! If you can, upload a picture of your finished artwork to your work folder.


Week 1  –  23rd March

Discovery Projects – complete by the end of the week


What is the weather like?

What is the weather like around the world? Which countries are most likely to have a snowstorm, torrential rain, heatwaves etc….. Find out about natural disasters such as forest fires, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, tornados etc….. How is climate change having an effect on the weather and natural disasters?


Recycle, Recycle

Using recycled materials design and make a recycling mascot to spread the word about the importance and need to recycle. Think about what it is going to look like? Which materials are they going to use? How are they going to join the materials together? Once completed, remember to evaluate their mascot. What would they do differently next time? Which parts did they find the most challenging and why?