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Year 3 Weekly Blog

This is the weekly blog for our Year 3 children.
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Week 7 – 18th May

Discovery Projects – complete by the end of the week

Celebrating different celebrations

How many different types of celebrations are there? Who celebrates Christmas? St Patrick? St George? St David? Easter? Eid? Diwali? Chinese new year? And how? Which celebrations have you taken part in? What usually happens? Present your research however you wish – you could make an information poster, a presentation, a video or even sign up for a student Kahoot account and create your own quiz.


Celebrations board game

Create a board game that focuses on celebrations. Think about what you can learn from it? Think about how to play the game. Is it going to be a game like Monopoly or Snakes and Ladders? Or perhaps like the Game of Life? Are you going to need a dice? Cards? Characters? You could create a board from an old piece of cardboard. Maybe you could plot out a calendar on your board, then play by rolling a dice to see which celebrations you land on throughout your journey through the year. Be as creative as you wish and then have fun playing your game.

Week 6 – 11th May

Discovery Projects – complete by the end of the week

Historical Top Trumps

Using the research into your inventors and scientists create a top trump card. What categories will you include? Intelligence? Impact on the word? Kindness? Choose some more famous figures from history and make top trump cards for them. Remember to keep the categories the same so you can play when you’ve finished your cards. You could include Queen Elizabeth, Christopher Columbus, Neil Armstrong, Rosa Parks, Samuel Peeps and many more of your own.


Time capsule

Have you ever found something from a long time ago? We often learn about the past by discovering things. Why not make history by choosing to put things in a time capsule and burying them? Just think, in the future, somebody will find them and learn about what it was like at this moment in time.

You will need:

  • A strong, watertight container (something that will not biodegrade) that is big enough to hold the items you want to bury
  • A piece of paper
  • Objects to bury


  1. Decide on the items you would like to bury. You may wish to choose things to represent people in your family, your hobbies, holidays, house and more. Think about including a range of things; objects, pictures and written evidence.
  2. On the piece of paper, write a letter to the prospective finder. You may want to write about yourself and why you have chosen to bury the items – tell the finder about what has made history in 2020!
  3. Choose carefully where you are going to bury the time capsule with an adult.
  4. Who will find your time capsule? Will it be in your lifetime or not?

Week 5 – 4th May

Discovery Projects – complete by the end of the week

Lunch around the world

Research lunch around the globe and investigate how differently people eat in other parts of the world. Find out what a vegetarian is. What does being vegan mean? What is Kosher food? What is Halal food? As Ramadan started on 23rd April and lasts until 23rd May, you might like to research the customs around food and fasting during Ramadan and Eid. Present your research however you wish – you could make an information poster, a presentation or even sign up for a student Kahoot account and create your own quiz. Why not also help your grown ups to make lunch this week too and learn some new food preparation skills.


What’s on the menu?

As a family, design a healthy meal plan for the week. Discuss your favourite family foods and why you all enjoy them. Talk about healthy and unhealthy foods and explain the importance of eating a balanced diet. Remind yourselves of the Science learning we have covered in Year 3 already about the different food groups and why they are all important. Can you remember the food pyramid and make sure your meal plan has the right amounts of each food group? You could colour code your plan to prove how balanced your diet is.

Week 4 – 27th April

Discovery Projects – complete by the end of the week

Mythical masterpiece

Create a painting or picture of a mythical creature. You could choose a mermaid, the Loch Ness monster, unicorn or griffin. Remember the techniques we’ve learned in art this year, such as stippling, hatching and cross hatching. You could even make your masterpiece in the style of a famous artist. Remember, we have looked at the work of Van Gogh who uses these techniques. We can’t wait to see your finished mythical masterpieces.


Knights of Year 3

You need to design and create your own shield to prepare to enter into battle. Decorate your shield with your own Coat of Arms representing you and your family. Click on this link for ideas. https://www.english-heritage.org.uk/easter/preparing-for-easter-adventure-quests/our-guide-to-heraldry


Week 3 – 20th April

Discovery Projects – complete by the end of the week

Family Art

Create a piece of artwork entitled ‘Family’. This could be a drawing, a painting, a sculpture or collage. Could you copy another artist’s style or invent your own? Perhaps you can remember looking at the work of FE Williams at school or the sculptures we saw at Wisley Gardens by Philip Haas? Which materials have you chosen to use and why? How do you feel about your piece of artwork? What would you change or improve? You could upload a picture of your Art to your personal blog.


Time to talk together

Talk with your family. What can you find out about your family that you didn’t know before? Who is in your immediate family? What other relatives do you have? How does your family link together? How many people do you have in your family? Why not spend time looking through old photos and talking about the people in your family. What family stories can you find out or tell?

Week 2 – 30th March

Discovery Projects – complete by the end of the week

Deadly Predators

Create fact files about deadly predators. Draw pictures of the predators and label them with information you find out. Where does the predator live? Why does it live there? What does it eat? How does it capture its prey? What special qualities do these predators have? Make a food chain to demonstrate why a predator is at the top of the chain. For a further challenge, you could make a set of top trump cards using the information you found out.


Animal Art

Explore the artist Franz Marc. Find out who he was and what type of artist he was. What did he like to create pictures of? Look at some of his paintings online. Then choose an animal to draw and add colour to, in a similar style to his. What do you think of his paintings? Did you like your finished piece of artwork? Why?/Why not?

Week 1  –  23rd March

Discovery Projects – complete by the end of the week

Recycle, Recycle

Using recycled materials design and make a recycling mascot to spread the word about the importance and need to recycle. Think about what it is going to look like? Which materials are they going to use? How are they going to join the materials together? Once completed, remember to evaluate their mascot. What would they do differently next time? Which parts did they find the most challenging and why?


Time to Talk

Discuss environmental issues in the UK. Air pollution, climate change, litter, waste, and soil contamination are all examples of human activity that have an impact in the UK. What are the global environmental issues? Various processes that can be said to contribute to the global environmental problems include pollution, global warming, ozone depletion, acid rain, depletion of natural resources, overpopulation, waste disposal and deforestation … These processes have a highly negative impact on our environment. Decide as a family how they could ‘do their bit’ to look after their environment e.g. you could set up a recycling station in their home; Paper, plastics and glass. What was your pledge from our Guardians of the Planet topic? Have you kept it? Can you make any other pledges?