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Wray Common Primary School

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Year 2 Weekly Blog

This is the weekly blog for our Year 2 children.
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Week 7 – 18th May

Discovery Projects – complete by the end of the week

Choose 3 of the following:

Design a celebration party

Choose a celebration.  This could be a birthday, Christmas, Eid or any other celebration you like.  Who would you invite? Make a list of things you would need? (banners, balloons etc…) Would you have to have a dress code? Can you design a celebration invite?


Bake a cake

Weigh out the ingredients and bake a cake for a celebration. Can you write the instructions and send them to a friend? Maybe you could take a photo of your cake and instructions and upload them to your work folder on Purple Mash?


Create a celebration card for a family member

What will you put on the front? Will it be pictures or will you write a birthday poem? Can you use different materials to design their celebration card?  Could you send it to a family member or friend who you haven’t seen in a long while?



Can you name the months in order? What do you notice about them? Look at the letters at the beginning of the month. Can you think of a celebration for each month you may have with your family? Find out the birthdays or anniversaries in your family.



How many seasons we have? Can you name them? Look outside your window and see if you can name the season we are in at the moment. What can you see? Can you see any flowers? Or new buds? Can you draw a picture of what they can see using different materials?



Collect materials to create a Seasons Calendar.Think about the design and what you need.

Week 6 – 11th May 

Discovery Projects – complete by the end of the week

Choose 3 of the following:

Build a Time Capsule

A time capsule is a great way to leave evidence of your own history!

  • Choose a container. It needs to be strong, watertight and big enough for the objects you want to bury.
  • Pick 5-10 things (or take photos of them or draw them). These should be items or hobbies, films. Pets… anything that represents you and your family.
  • Write a letter to go in the box. Include the date, your nameand any message you would like to leave.
  • Bury/hide your time capsule ready to be discovered. Choose with your adult where to bury/hide it?


History Hunting

Record in your book. You are looking for the oldest, newest and most interesting object you can find.


Design a Time Machine

Think back to Autumn term when we travelled back in time to meet some significant people in history… can you remember? Now you can design (and make if you can) your very own time machine.

Think about: What material you will make it from? How will it move? How will it start and stop? How will you get in and out? Make sure you clearly label your design and list what you will need to make it.  If you manage to make it take a photo, we’d love to see it!


Dyson Challenge Cards

Fancy a Science experiment?  With an adult, perhaps you could choose one of these fantastic experiments to carry out together. DO NOT DO THIS WITHOUT AN ADULT. https://www.jamesdysonfoundation.co.uk/resources/challenge-cards.html


Make a Picasso Fortune Teller

Think back… do you remember we learnt about Pablo Picasso? https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/clips/z7b9jxs  Watch this clip to remind yourself.


If you don’t have a printer don’t worry, perhaps you could draw out your own and put your own ideas on it instead? The instructions are on the website and also saved in Monday’s folder.  I wonder which art piece your fortune will be?


Week 5 – 4th May

Discovery Projects – complete by the end of the week

Choose three of the following:

Look at the work of Giuseppe Arcimboldo.

Using different drawing materials, can you create a food picture of your own?

Sorting Activity

Collect food from the kitchen and sort into healthy and unhealthy foods. You could take a picture of your work and upload it or you could then draw it on some paper?

Design a poster

Think about the foods you like to eat and food that you need to eat to keep you healthy. Think back to the pyramid we looked at when we were at school. Create a food pyramid poster that you can put in the kitchen.  Will you be able to use any food wrappers or make your poster more interactive?

Traditional food

Many cultures have various dishes of food to celebrate their festivals. Find out about a festival and compare it to a different festival. For example Christmas, Chinese New Year or Ramadan.  You can find some other ideas on this website…


What are the similarities? What are the differences? How is the food prepared? Do you have any traditional food you enjoy with your family?  You can present this however you wish! Maybe a PowerPoint presentation, a poster or a comparison table, it’s up to you.

Week 4 – 27th April

Discovery Projects – complete by the end of the week

Mythical Beasts

Myths and legends are full of lots of mixed up monsters and wonderful animals, like Pegasus the flying horse. Create your own mythical creature. Does it have wings? A fish tail? How many eyes does it have? Is it a combination of two or more animals? Draw your mythical creature, label it or make a model if you like. Does your creature have an amazing strength or superpower? Describe what it is.



Read this story start:

“Once upon a magical time when dragons roamed the world unseen…”


With someone in your family, discuss these questions to bring the dragons to life. You could even take it in turns to tell a story about them. Where did the dragons live? What is their favourite food? When do they go to bed? Where do they sleep at night?

Why couldn’t people see the dragons? How do they make themselves visible? Who looks after them when they feel poorly? Do they like playing games?

It’s in the Stars

Some Greek myths have given us the names of star constellations in the night sky, like Orion. Look out of your window or, with an adult, grab your coat and find a spot to lie down in your back garden. The longer you look up, the more stars you’ll discover. As you gaze, how does it make you feel? Can you spot the plough, which is shaped like a saucepan? If you’ve got a star spotter guide with you (or use the resource in the work folder to help you) you could try to find some of them or connect the dots of constellations but don’t worry if you can’t it can be just as much fun to find your own shapes. Try drawing them and labelling in your very own star diary.

Week 3 – 20th April

Discovery Projects – complete by the end of the week

Family booklet

Look at photographs of your family members and discuss where they would go on a family tree. Have you met everyone? Is there anyone in your household you could interview and find out more about? Create a booklet about your family.  Name your family members and write sentences about each of them.  Who are they?  What do you call them? Why are they special to you? You could include photographs or drawings.  You could create your booklet on Purple Mash or you could create a powerpoint and upload it to your work area or you could create it in your writing book.


Design a coat of arms

Find out what a coat of arms shield means.


Think about a design that would represent your family. What is important in your family?  Think about the colours and shapes you would use.  Do you have any cardboard around your house?  Maybe an empty cereal box? Create your family coat of arms shield on cardboard.



Week 2 – 30th March

Discovery Projects – complete by the end of the week

Find out about animals

What are mammals?,

What are amphibians?

What are birds?

What are fish?

What are reptiles?

What are minibeasts?

Do your own research to discover the answers to these.  Include a picture or a drawing example of each animal type. The following website may help.



Pets and their owners

Can all animals be kept as pets? Discuss with your family.  Can you think of examples of animals that can be pets and animals that can’t be pets?  Why are they suitable/unsuitable as pets? Design a leaflet explaining to potential pet owners what each animal will need. – Interview a pet owner to discuss the responsibilities involved with looking after an animal.  How often do they need to feed their pet? Who helps clean? What does their pet eat?

Create your leaflet in 2 publish plus (set as a 2do).

Week 1  –  23rd March

Discovery Projects – complete by the end of the week

Time to talk

Pick a day that you would like to present as a weather reporter. Can you create some symbols to use when you are talking about the weather? Can you talk about the weather in your local area and maybe compare to another place in the UK?


Let’s create

Design and make a recycling mascot out of recycled materials.  What would you like it to look like?  Which items will you use to symbolise different recyclable materials?  How will you join the materials together?


Don’t Forget To Stay Active!