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Wray Common Primary School

A primary school for boys and girls aged 4 to 11

Year 1 Weekly Blog

This is the weekly blog for our Year 1 children.
Feel free to bookmark this page for your convenience.

Week 7 – 18th May

Discovery Projects – complete by the end of the week

Celebration Calendar

Create a calendar with the months of the year and write when you celebrate special occasions. You could add Christmas, Ramadan, your birthday, or your sister’s birthday. Decorate and illustrate your calendar as much as you like! You can ask an adult to help you hang your calendar up when it is finished so that you can look at it all year round!


Celebrating YOU

Design a poster to celebrate YOU. You can add what you love about yourself and what makes you special. Do you love that you are kind, imaginative, funny, or have special skills such as being a creative writer or a maths expert? Whatever it is you can add it on! As Dr Seuss says: Today You are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You!


Dazzling Decorations!

Can you create some decorations for a party? You could decorate paper chains to hang up in your bedroom or a fancy part hat to wear! Check out the pictures and links for some inspiration!  https://www.firstpalette.com/craft/paper-crown.html


Week 6 – 11th May

Discovery Projects – complete by the end of the week


Create a Time Capsule

Watch the first 30 seconds of this video to understand what a time capsule is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kgUs4UHVK8. Have a think about what items represent you and this period of time. Can you create your own time capsule and bury it your garden or Local Park. I wonder who will dig it up in the future. What will they learn?

Here are some helpful links for ideas.




Make a Personal Timeline

Have discussion what a timeline is. Remember, we had one in the classroom which we added dates to. Can you make your own personal timeline from the day you were born to the current day? Don’t forget to add the date it happened.

Ideas you could include: holidays, first tooth, siblings being born, friends weddings, started Wray Common and birthdays .

Maybe you could add photos or draw pictures of each event in time.


Time machine craft

Using different materials around the house can you create your own time machine?

Week 5 – 4th May

Discovery Projects – complete by the end of the week

Research about Ramadan

Many cultures have various dishes of food to celebrate their festivals. Find out about the Islam festival of Ramadan, and compare it to Christmas dinner. Split a piece of paper in half and on one side draw or write about the food eaten during Ramadan and on the other side, draw or write about the food eaten at Christmas time. Are there any similarities/differences? What traditional foods do you enjoy with your family? Watch these videos to help you! Take a picture of your comparison and save it in your ‘my work’ folder.

What is Ramadan?


What types of food are eaten during Ramadan?



Can you impress Michelle?

Design a school menu for Michelle. What meals would you choose? Will it be a healthy school menu? Can you find pictures or draw pictures to add to your menu? Remember to do a main dish and a pudding! Take a picture of your menu and save it in your ‘my work’ folder.


Creative task

Fruit and vegetable printing! Watch this video of the artist, Lynn Flavell. How does she represent fruit and vegetables? Can you create a piece of artwork in the style of Lynn Flavell? https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01d6gw2 Take a picture of your artwork and save it in your ‘my work’ folder.


Week 4 – 27th April

This week’s topic is… Magical Myths and Legends!

Please continue to upload all of your fantastic learning to your own ‘my work’ folder on Purple Mash.

Don’t forget to READ READ READ J Check out the E-Books on Oxford Owl!

Oxford Owl is also a great online resource. You will be able to find free e-books that relate to the same reading levels that we have at school. You can then read or listen to the story. Try it out! https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk   Then go to ‘My class login’ and enter the username and password:

Username: wcclass1w


Once you have entered, select the ‘click here’ button on the ‘parents’ section, then browse their free e-book selection!

Phonics play is available for free:

Login: march20   password: home


Mythical research (Daily task)

Using books, the internet and videos can you research a variety of Mythical creatures? Can you write a brief sentence about each one? Maybe you might like to add a picture of one. Please complete this in your English book and upload a photo to your ‘My Work’ folder.

Here are some help links:





Weekly spellings (daily task)

This week’s spellings are:

out, oh, Mrs, people, their

If you would like, you can add in any additional spellings that are linked to your topic.

  • Look, cover, write
  • Put them in a sentence


Maths (daily task)

Making doubles. What happens when we double a number? It is when you have a number and the add the same amount to it! For example, Double 1 = 2 which is the same as saying 1 + 1 =2! Double 2 =4 which is the same as 2 + 2 =4! Your challenge today is to roll a dice, write down the number and then double it.

If you don’t have a dice at home, you can use this virtual dice: https://freeonlinedice.com/

Write as many doubles as you can in your maths book, then take a picture and upload it to your ‘my work’ folder on purple mash.


Discovery  projects –complete by the end of the week

Re-Create a mythical creature!

Will you create a terrifying dragon, a beautiful mermaid or a magical unicorn? Maybe you know of another mythical creature that you would like to teach me about!


Week 3 – 20th April

Discovery Projects – complete by the end of the week

Family Coat of Arms

Find out what a coat of arms shield means. Ask them to begin to think about their design. What could they draw? What does your family like? What does it mean to them? Ask them to think about the colours and shapes. Maybe if they have some cardboard around the house they could make a shield to give to a family member.

You could look at this site to help:


e.g. My family like playing music and helping others so I would include that in my families’ Coat of Arms

Please take a photo of your coat of arms when you have finished and upload it to your ‘my work’ folder.


Create a booklet all about your family

  • Can you add any photos or draw pictures of them?
  • Can you name the people in your family and write sentences about them?
  • What do they like or dislike?
  • Why are they special to you?

Please take a photo of your booklet and upload it your work folder.


Create a card:

Ask your child to design a card for someone in their family. It can be a birthday card, thank you card or a missing you card. Can you go to a letter box and post it together?

Please take a photo of your card and upload it to your work folder.


Week 2 – 30th March

Discovery Projects – complete by the end of the week

Nocturnal project

Research what nocturnal means. What animals are nocturnal? What common features do they have? Create a fact file about nocturnal animals.

Create a mask

Using different materials around the house, create a mask of their favourite animal. Think about the colours and shape. Can they add different textures to their mask?

Research challenge

Which animal lives the longest? Which animal is the tallest? Which is the fastest land animal? Which animal has the most teeth? Which is the heaviest animal?

You could record your findings on a world record poster.

Week 1  –  23rd March

Discovery Projects – complete by the end of the week

Weather reporter: Pick a day that you would like to present as a weather reporter. Can you create some symbols to use when you are talking about the weather? Can you talk about the weather in your local area and maybe compare it to another place in the UK?

Poster time! Ask your child to choose one thing they could do to help the environment. Get them to make a poster to encourage people to do it!

Beat the clock! Can you sort items into the correct recycling and waste bins?