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Wray Common Primary School

A primary school for boys and girls aged 4 to 11

Residential Updates

Year 5 Residential at Aylmerton

Day 3 – Friday at 12:35pm

We have set off on our journey home and will provide an update when we are closer to home.

Day 3 – Friday at 8:30am

We had a beautiful day on the broads yesterday and enjoyed learning about deposition, transportation and erosion at the beach yesterday where we also searched in rock pools for small sea creatures! We finished the day with a fantastic set of tales from the storyteller before another good night’s sleep. We’ve just had breakfast and are packing up our things before we head off to see the seals before coming home.

Day 2 – Thursday at 10:15am

The children enjoyed their activities yesterday afternoon and after dinner went on a night safari to explore more of the local area including Felbrigg Hall. A small snow flurry made this an even more magical experience for them. This morning they’ve had a heart breakfast and we’re on our way to Boats on the Broads before we explore the beach this afternoon.

Day 1 – Wednesday at 12:45pm

We have arrived and all children are happy exploring and settling into their new homes for the next three days!


Year 6 Residential at High Ashurst

Day 1 – Wednesday at 12:20

We have arrived and all children are safe and well. We are in our teepees and bell tents and after lunch we will be off to our first activities!

Mr Carter


Day 1 – Wednesday at 19:20

What a great first day! After a quick pit stop for lunch, we all went eagerly into our first activities: woodland skills, climbing wall and high ropes. There was an abundance of children supporting each other and challenging themselves to step out of their comfort zone with great success. After a short break, we headed to dinner and had some well-deserved time together relaxing, before heading out for a night walk and then hopefully some sleep!

Mr Carter

Day 2 – Thursday at 10:30

After a good night’s sleep and a tasty breakfast (many having seconds) children and teachers have all started their morning activities, including crate stack and  abseiling, with the promise of a fun filled day ahead. The children are all looking ready to take the opportunity to challenge themselves further!

Mr Carter

Day 2 – Thursday at 21:15

After an action packed day, again participating and collaborating in an exciting array of activities, we settled down for a fabulous evening of relaxation, cricket, football and an impromptu talent show. As we speak, the children are all now in bed and ready for some much needed shut-eye, before our final fun morning tomorrow.

Mr Carter

Day 3 – Friday at 10:15

Up bright and early again ready to go, the children were fantastic at packing and clearing their teepees and tents in record time. After a hearty breakfast, and showing our Wray Common value of gratitude to the kitchen staff, the children are now off on their final activities before lunch and heading back to school later. Carpe Diem!

Day 3 – Friday at 13:40

Year 6 have set off back to school and will be back at school for normal pick up of 3.20pm.

Mr Carter