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Wray Common Primary School

A primary school for boys and girls aged 4 to 11

Residential Updates

Year 5 Residential at Aylmerton

Day 1 – Wednesday at 13:20

Mr Little has confirmed that the children and staff have arrived safely.

Day 1 – Wednesday at 13:35

Have arrived safe and well! After a delayed start, both coaches navigated the Reigate and Redhill traffic with little difficulty and adults were given soaring renditions of ‘Wheels on the Bus’ as well as ‘Three Lions on a Shirt’. Twice. Smooth sailing on the M25 and through the Dartford crossing (0% success rate of holding our breaths through the tunnel). Had a quick pit stop and onwards to Norfolk! Weather on the broads an agreeable 8 degrees and the skies, though cloudy, are breaking with the promise of bluish sunny hope. To make up time, the children had lunch on the coach (to the drivers’ delight) and have had a chance to load their gear into their rooms. We’re now off for team building and den building before dinner!

Mr Taylor.



Day 2 – Thursday at 07:30

All awake here after a good night’s sleep! Teachers survived the night and coffee is brewing. All looking forward to a hot breakfast followed by a fun day ahead, boating on the broads, visiting the seals and exploring a river!

Mr Little.


Day 2 – Thursday at 10:15

Yesterday evening (armed with scarves and torches) the children embarked on their twilight safari, climbing inside a 750 year old great oak tree as well as spotting swans on the lake and star gazing through the clouds via an app! The children learned about light pollution and some local history. Later, thoroughly exhausted and increasingly ready for bed, we were treated to a lantern-lit story about the bride of Sir John and Felbrigg Hall. After some winding down time, lights were out at 10.30pm and all was quiet by 11pm. The children woke bright and early, feasted happily on breakfast and spirits were high as the regular confusion ensued to pack the correct gear for the day. Clear skies and crispy autumnal sunshine here in Norfolk! Coach 1 are now off to the broads for the boating and Coach 2 are off to see the seals!

Mr Taylor.

Day 2 – Thursday at 17:30

What a day! Plenty of seals seen and water waded. Boats were great fun and we spotted dozens of different species of ducks, geese and other river birds such as herons and cormorants! Just getting ready for dinner and then it’s our storyteller and tuck shop!

Mr Taylor.

Day 3 – Friday at 11:25am

Last night’s storyteller had the children in stitches and they were captivated by his tales and his skills with a range of instruments. They were a fantastic audience. After some rest and recreation in their rooms, it was lights out at 9:45pm and all was quiet by 10:30pm. Before breakfast all bedding was stripped, and bags packed (eventually) for our final adventure! Another hearty breakfast was had and then it was off to Horsey for the seals and a study of the river Glaven!

Mr Taylor.

Day 3 – Friday at 1pm

Year 5 have left Aylmerton and are expected back around 5pm.


Year 6 Residential at High Ashurst

Day 1 – Wednesday at 12:45


Have arrived all children safe and well. The sun has come out and after lunch will be off to our first activities.

Mr Carter.

Day 1 – Wednesday Evening

Everyone had a lovely first day at High Ashurst. Half the year group plucked up the courage and challenged themselves to go out of their comfort zone on the high ropes, while the other half honed their woodland skills in teams. After a tasty dinner, and showing our gratitude to the kitchen staff, we will enjoy a year group woodland night walk, followed by a campfire sing-a-long and then hopefully some well-earned sleep!

Day 2 – Thursday Morning

Having a super time this morning. Up nice and early and, after a filling breakfast, half the year group have been climbing the high walls and half have been solving problems as a team on the challenge course. Many children have been going out of their comfort zone, challenging themselves and using our value of courage.

Mr Carter

Day 2 – Thursday Lunchtime

Wow what a fantastic morning of activities!

6C child: “We all had amazing fun on the challenge course. We managed to solve all the puzzles with some good teamwork and a great plan!”

6B child: “The climbing wall was so high! I managed to get all the way up with my friends encouraging me.”

Lunch outdoors as a year group was pleasant and enjoyed by all, giving us a much needed pit stop and refuel ready for swapping activities in the afternoon.

Mr Carter.

Day 2 – Thursday 22:30

After finishing the afternoon activities, where children went above and beyond the goals they had set themselves, we had a delicious evening meal and again showed our gratitude to the kitchen staff. We then had some early evening fun and sporting activities as a year group, including ultimate frisbee and football tennis led by Mr Carter and Mr Burgess (a close game played with a great spirit ended in a narrow 3-2 victory for 6C). As the sun set, it was time for lights out, and the odd shout of ‘there’s a frog in our tent’ after a long and tiring day. The children went to bed superbly and all the staff are so proud of the manners and team spirit the children have shown so far this week. Final day and challenges tomorrow!

Mr Carter

Day 3 – Friday 10:00

After a great night’s sleep, the children rose early and had a fantastic breakfast, having already packed away their sleeping bags and equipment in record time. Excitement is running high, as half the children have already headed off into the woods to collect firewood and the other half are putting on their harnesses ready to attempt the high ropes.

Day – Friday at 14:00

Both groups have completed the final activities, of our fantastic trip, and enjoyed them immensely. We are all on the coach and on our way back to Wray Common, so should be back in plenty of time for normal pick up at 3.20pm. The residential is over but the memories will last a lifetime!