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Reception Weekly Blog

This is the weekly blog for our Reception children.
Feel free to bookmark this page for your convenience.

Week 7 – 18 May

Discovery Projects – complete by the end of the week

Plan a family celebration

Decide on a family celebration for the week. This could be a family indoor picnic, a meal, an awards ceremony to celebrate all the brilliant things since being on lockdown! Let your imagination run wild.

When hosting a celebration, there is lots of preparation to do before the big day. You will need to:

-Decide on the type of celebration

-Decide on the venue (garden, living room or dining room?)

-Decide on the date and time

-Make invitations

-Make decorations (you might want to make some bunting or paper chains with coloured paper)

-Plan a menu

-Plan the entertainment

Once prepared you will be able to go ahead with your party and get celebrating!


Fancy headwear

For many types of celebration, people love to wear different types of hats for the special occasion. That’s why we wear a birthday hat at school. Your challenge is to design and make a fancy hat for your family celebration. I have put some inspiration in the ‘Celebrations’ work folder.

Week 6 – 11th May

Discovery Projects – complete by the end of the week

Make a time machine

This week we are unlocking the past. Do you know what the past means? Now, it is very difficult to travel back in time without a time machine and so this week that is your challenge. Can you create your very own time machine? You could use cardboard boxes, cushions, material over chairs so you can go inside. You could make a time machine for a small character that you have or for yourself. Don’t forget to create a control panel so you can type in the year, and make sure you get back to today safely! There are some ideas saved in the work folder for ‘unlock the past’.

Rock around the clock dance

Moving is good for our bodies. I’ve found this great dance routine to learn. You might not have heard of this song from the past before but it’s all about rocking around the clock and you need an air guitar! See if you can learn the moves. Maybe you can have a dance off with a member of your family or with a friend on a video call! Click on the link below to find the moves and music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uQgwNxFD0Y

Week 5 – 4th May

Discovery Projects – complete by the end of the week

Make your own food item design packaging

This week we are learning all about food and what better way to celebrate than to be creative and imaginative and design our own new food item! It could be a new type of fruit or vegetable, a different flavour of chocolate bar or cake, a new breakfast cereal, a dinner that you put into the oven or maybe even a new drink. It’s up to you! Can you create your own packaging to go with your food and pretend your delicious new food is inside? You could use some items from your recycling to create it. I’ve uploaded some ideas into the Food work folder.


Stories about food: Supertato make your own.

Have you heard the story of Supertato? Watch this retelling https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rze89HB9u8g

Can you create your own super vegetable? You could use a real vegetable or you could draw it in your purple book. What super powers would your super veg have? Does it have a cloak? Special goggles? A magic wand? Create your own super vegetable adventure story where they save the day!

People were very creative with this idea for World Book Day in 2018. An adult could search for some inspiration for you on the internet. I’ve added some examples in the Food work folder.


Week 4 – 27th April

Discovery Projects – complete by the end of the week

Make your own mythical creature

This week we are going to talk about lots of different mythical creatures. Mythical creatures are usually animals that are magical and not normally found in zoos. We are going to be thinking about dragons and knights, mermaids, sea monsters and trolls. What other mythical creatures to do you know? Let’s get creative and make a magical creature. I’ve added some ideas in the ‘Mythical creature’ folder under the work tab to give you some ideas to get you started. We love seeing your work. Feel free to send us a photo of your mythical creatures to our class email.



Would you like to become a mythical creature? To do this you will need a wand! So let’s make one. Please see ideas in the work tab in the ‘Mythical creatures’ folder. Now a wand’s job is to listen to the magical spell and make them work. What would our magical spell be? Maybe it would tell your unicorn to fly or maybe it would turn the world upside down for a day! My spell would be “Higgledy piggledy wiggly spoon, take me quickly to the moon! You could also make a potion too now you have these magical powers. What kind of things could you add to your potion? Look around your house to find objects for your magical potion and add them into a bowl and mix them up! You could do this in the garden with water, in the bath, or just pretend. Have fun magicians!

Week 3 – 20th April

Discovery Projects for Fun with the Family – complete by the end of the week

Family restaurant

Across the course of the week, create a family restaurant. There are lots of options for different activities to do when creating your family restaurant. You could: design a logo for the restaurant, make place cards for the table, make a weekly or daily menu to show the options for breakfast/lunch/dinner (you could do all three meal times or stick to one if easier). Children could take orders from all members of the family asking them what they would like to drink before dinner is served, recipes could be searched and written up, shopping lists or check lists could be written to check you have all the ingredients, children can help prepare the meals and act as a chef and reviews of the meals could be written.


Put on a show!

Decide on either a story, song or dance to perform to your family. Across the course of the week plan out costumes and props and practise the performance so it’s ready for showcasing by the end of the week. This could be linked to your family restaurant and be part of the after dinner entertainment!


Week 2 – 30th March

Discovery Projects for Animal Adventures – complete by the end of the week

Find all the animal books in your house

Ask your child to look through the books in your house and to find any with animals on the front cover. Ask them to sort the books into groups of their choice e.g. animals that can fly, swim, big, small, live on a farm/ at the zoo. Read these animals books over the course of the week.

Create an animal den

Provide your child with blankets and sheets to make an animal den. Pretend to be an animal in their den. Maybe you can eat lunch in the den or read animal stories.

Play animal charades

Take it in turns to act as different animals. Add in noises as a clue if needed.

Week 1  –  23rd March

Discovery Projects – complete by the end of the week

Create a daily weather chart
Record the daily weather using pictures and written labels (where appropriate). Does the weather change over the course of each day? How has the weather changed over the week?
Complete ‘Weather’ paint project set as a 2do
Weather sounds (Rainmakers)
Provide your child with either a plastic container, bottle or other junk modelling item. Add something small into the container, it needs to be something that will make a sound like beads, small lego pieces or anything else you can find around your home. Secure your container with a lid or some form of covering and sellotape. Decorate with stickers, glitter and sequins if you have them available. Have fun exploring making rain sounds. Try making slow and fast sounds. Can you make it sounds like it is pouring with rain and then make it sound like it is just drizzling. Using your rainmaker can you practise and perform some songs about the weather. For example: “I can sing a rainbow”, “Incy, Wincy Spider”, “It’s raining, it’s pouring” “Rain, Rain go away.’