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Wray Common Primary School

A primary school for boys and girls aged 4 to 11

Online payments

Wray Common School SurreyWe are able to offer online payments for school dinners and trips. Parents are now able to pay with a credit/debit card for trips and dinner money top ups online. You can view FAQs and view user guides on the Tucasi website here. Please note, to use the system you will need a valid email address.

Cheques are no longer accepted, however cash will still be accommodated, but we hope that you will see the benefits of using the online system, and use that instead.
Similar Internet Payment systems have already been installed in many schools nationally, bringing a number of important benefits:

  • simple to use web interface
  • payments made are secure and reliable
  • parents can view their full payment history online
  • reduce risk of pupils losing cash

To log in to your Scopay/Tucasi account, please click here

How to register

I don’t yet have a scopay.com account:

Visit www.scopay.com/school and Register as a New User. Follow the instructions on the screen to enter your details and add the unique online link code for your child when prompted. If you need assistance creating your account, there are help guides on the login page.

I already have a scopay.com account for another child:

Log on to your existing account using your username (email address) and password. Select Your Info then Link Accounts. Enter the unique online Link Code above to add further children’s accounts. Their name will then appear in the dropdown on the right hand side of the screen.

Note: You only need your online link code when registering. It is no longer needed once your account has been activated. If you require a second link code (for another parent, relative or carer to create an account), please request this from school.

If you have not received a letter and would like to register please contact the school office or send us an email: info@wray-common.surrey.sch.uk