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Wray Common Primary School

A primary school for boys and girls aged 4 to 11

Sports Leaders

We are very proud of our Year 6 Sports Leaders here at Wray Common. Each of our Sports Leaders are chosen because of their passion and commitment to sport which they can use to teach and inspire our younger pupils. Here’s what some of our current leaders have to say about their role:

“I love helping the younger children to learn to grow, it feels incredible to have the opportunity to help and encourage everyone. I love passing on the knowledge and skills I have learnt and it is a pleasure to teach them. I am so grateful for this role. I hope I can encourage people to help others with P.E. like me. I love being a Sports Leader! – Amelie

“I picked this job because I am obsessed with sport and I got this job for that reason. I enjoy it so much and love helping the younger children. I thoroughly appreciate whoever was in favour of me getting this job. In the past I have helped Mr Martin so I am pretty experienced.” – Harrison

“My role is sports leader. I help teachers teach P.E. and set up. This job is important because its our responsibility to help teach and set up to make sure they have a good P.E. lesson. Also we push them to the limit to achieve.” – Sasha

“My role is sports leader and we support and help Mr Martin in P.E. lessons, It has been going great so far in the P.E. lessons we have been doing. My role is important because so then Mr Martin has some more people to do the lesson if he is helping someone else.” – Zachary