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Wray Common Primary School

A primary school for boys and girls aged 4 to 11

Wray Common School Reigate Surrey

Peer Mediators

Peer mediators play a pivotal role in the smooth running of lunchtimes here a Wray Common School by helping to resolve problems and buddying up with children who are struggling to engage with others in the playground.

“My role in the year 6 team is being a peer mediator. A peer mediator’s job is to help children solve their arguments and to find a friend for the children if they are lonely. I chose this job because I am passionate that everyone should have a lunch time they can enjoy. I also love working with younger children.” – Yara

“I am a peer mediator, it is the best job! I enjoy this because you resolve problems at lunchtime. The second reason, is that Mrs Walker said I might have the opportunity to lead the peer mediators, which I would really enjoy.” – Rooshan

“My role is being a peer mediator. I help children on the playground and sort out problems. For as long as I have been doing my job I have had no one telling me on the playground that they have argued with someone. Some other peer mediators have told me that the KS1 playground has ahad more problems than the KS2 playground. This role is important because it stops friendships from being broken and bullying at the school.” – Toby