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Wray Common Primary School

A primary school for boys and girls aged 4 to 11

Remote Learning Provision

Below is a link to the school’s Remote Learning Contingency Plan which sets out the school’s provision for two different scenarios.

  • An individual child (or small group of children) who have tested positive but are well enough to learn from home
  • School closure due to a local or national lockdown

Contingency Plan

Covid-19 advice for unwell children

To contact the School Office please call 01737 761254 or email info@wray-common.surrey.sch.uk

To contact Mr Little, Deputy Head, please email deputy@wray-common.surrey.sch.uk

Purple Mash

Parent’s guide to Purple Mash

A guide to Purple Mash

Online Safety

Staying safe at home online

A Parents Guide to Zoom

Childnet: Supporting Young People Online

Keeping Your Devices Safe

Supporting Children’s Wellbeing

8 Ways To Help Children During lockdown

Anxiety Thermometer

Beacon House – Screen Savers

CAMHS – Giving Structure and Routine

CAMHS – The Emotional Cup

CAMHS – The Stress Relief Giraffe

Childline: Calm Zone

Childline: Mindful Games

Childline: Information and Advice

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Creative Education – supporting anxious online learners

Coronavirus – Dealing With Effects Toolkit

Coronavirus – Anxiety Toolkit

Feelings Sentence Starters

Go Noddle – movement & mindfulness activities

Mindfulness Calendar – Daily 5 minute Activities

NHS – Apps To Support Mental Health

Reframing Thoughts

Resilience Ladder

Royal College of Occupational Therapists – Supporting children during lockdown

Supporting the Wellbeing of your Family during Lockdown

Self-Care and Mental Health For children

Tools For Managing Emotions

Types of Self Care

What Anxiety Can Look Like

Young Minds – Supporting Parents Helpfinder

Young Minds – When Emotions Explode

Useful Resources

Supporting Reading (English)

Supporting Reading (Bengali)

Supporting Reading (Lithuanian)

Supporting Reading (Polish)

Supporting Reading (Punjabi)

Supporting Reading (Urdu)

Islington Education Library Services

Nessy videos (support for reading, writing and spelling)

Phonics Play (currently offering free access during school closure)

Roy the Zebra – Reading Games and Stories


For information and resources about support your child at home, please visit our Parent Support tab where you will find our ‘How can I help my child at home?’ section or click here