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Wray Common Primary School

A primary school for boys and girls aged 4 to 11

Residential Updates

Year 5 Residential at Aylmerton

Day 1 – Wednesday at 13:20

Mr Little has confirmed that they have arrived at Aylmerton safely.

Day 1 – Wednesday at 22:20

After an early start, year 5 embarked on a highly anticipated journey to fresh windswept shores of East Anglia. Following a series of team building events, such as rope swinging, spider web puzzle, bomb disposal, the children eagerly attacked den building before the teachers tested their creations with water guns.

After a hearty dinner, we went on a night safari around the local woodland and lake where the children star gazed and listened to some local folk stories. Once wellies were hung up and pj’s were donned, we settled down for a warming hot chocolate before retiring to our rooms to dream about tomorrow’s adventures

Mr Burgess.

Day 2 – Thursday at 9:00

The late night hot chocolate worked a treat and both children and adults got some much needed and well-earned sleep. Waking fresh and hearty breakfasts had, preparations were made for the day’s activities: 5B heading for the seals, 5T off to the river as Rat said ‘There’s nothing–absolutely nothing–half so much worth doing as messing about in boats.’

Mr Burgess.

Day 2 – Thursday Lunchtime

5B – ‘It was awesome fun being able to see the seals so close up’ and ‘I enjoyed seeing so many cute, fluffy seals that were waving at us’ were just some of the comments from the children.

‘Our lunch location was a bit windy but a fun location to enjoy a good lunch’

We are now making our way by coach to Wroxham to board our boats for this afternoon’s activity.

5T – ‘Everyone had great fun driving the boats on the broads, the weather was sunny and beautiful until we got caught in a hailstorm! What an adventure!!! We saw Herons, mallards and swans.’

Mr Burgess.

Day 2 – Thursday at 22:30

Thursday afternoon added yet more memorable highlights to our trip. 5B were lucky enough to get some lovely sunny conditions on the Norfolk Broads for a thoroughly enjoyable boating experience despite some zig zagging across the water. We have some excellent drivers amongst our year 5 children. 5T had the pleasure of exploring parts of the River Glaven and took some scientific measurements to help us understand the river system further.

Mr Taylor and Mr Burgess were very proud of the knowledge and language that the children were able to show off during their respective rover talks today.

This evening we enjoyed another lovely meal back at our temporary home before settling down for some of the best story telling the East has to offer.

Mr Burgess.

Day 3 – Friday at 8:30

After a good night’s sleep, the children rose early and are currently tucking into breakfast (having already neatly folded their bed sheets and placed them carefully in the correct pile for staff). Morale is high and talk is mostly about last night’s story-teller, the games and discussions from their rooms and the activities ahead – for 5B it’s exploring the local rivers and for 5T it’s off to see the seals!

Mr Taylor.

Day 3 – Friday at 12:45

Both groups have completed their final activities for our fantastic trip and enjoyed seaside dining experiences for lunch. We are now heading for a meeting point near Norwich before jumping on one coach to make our journey back to Wray Common. The children have been given a special gift from the staff at Aylmerton which will be a lasting reminder of the great memories they have made. We will give an ETA once we leave our meeting point.

Mr Burgess.

Day 3 – Friday at 13:30

Mr Little has confirmed that due to traffic, they should be back between 17:00 and 18:00 however an update will be provided nearer the time.

Day 3 – Friday at 16:00

Mr Burgess has confirmed that the children are due back at School for around 17:30.




Year 6 Residential at Aylmerton

Day 1 – Wednesday at 12:30

We have all arrived at Aylmerton safely, after a super smooth F1 style pit stop and snack at the services on the way! The children are about to settle in and have lunch, excitedly looking forward to starting their afternoon hide building activity, the first of many.

Mr Carter.

Day 1 – Wednesday at 17:15

After a busy afternoon, and some fantastic teamwork and  den building, the children have already settled in and are having a great time. We are now preparing ourselves for our first dinner together – pizza and jam sponge and custard. Today’s table managers will be chosen and they will make sure everyone is ‘well fuelled’ ready for our twilight walk tonight. Then it will be a hot drink around 9.30pm and off to bed. We will surely need lots of sleep ready for a packed schedule tomorrow!

Mr Carter.

Day 2 – Thursday at 10:00

After a great first night, with most children getting a full 8 hours sleep, the children were raring to go for their first whole day of activities. Today started with a super cooked breakfast, supplemented with cereal or porridge. After a rainy start, children are now all equipped with life jackets, wellies at the ready and will be examining rivers, driving boats and walking to find seals on the coast in what promises to be a jam-packed fun day of learning.

Mr Carter

Day 2 – Thursday at 17:30

Wow! What a lovely day packed full of fun activities. The children have been amazing showing the Wray Common values and using CAPTURE with courage, perseverance, collaboration and asking lots of questions. Children all had a chance to captain and drive their own boat; some children also examined rivers while others went in search of seals… and found them! After a tasty dinner, we have visited the shop and are now settling down to an evening of storytelling before bed.

Mr Carter

Day 3 – Friday at 9:30

After the super entertainer last night, and a great night’s sleep, we had another lovely breakfast, showed our gratitude to the kitchen staff and tidied our rooms and luggage. We have now headed off for our exciting, final rotation of activities where some children will be seal watching and others river walking.

Mr Carter.

Day 3 – Friday at 12:45

After a super final morning, Mr Carter has phoned and advised they are all on their way back from Aylmerton and should be back between 4.30-5pm traffic dependent.

Day 3 – Friday at 16:00

Mr Carter has confirmed that the children should arrive back at School to be collected for 16:45.

Year 5 Residential at High Ashurst

Day 1 – Monday at 14:15

Mrs Maby has phoned and advised that they have arrived at High Ashurst safely, albeit a little soggy but everyone is in good spirits! They are about to start the first of the many activities.

Day 1 – Monday at 19:05

An evening update from High Ashurst. The rain is continuing to fall but we are still having a wonderful time. The children have taken part in a host of afternoon activities and then filled up on a delicious pasta Bolognese and garlic bread! We are now doing more activities before wrapping up warm ready for a well earned, good night’s sleep.

Mrs Evans

Day 2 – Tuesday at 11:30

After an early morning start, we all filled up with a great big breakfast ready for our first activities of the day. High ropes, woodland skills, climbing wall and challenge course are all on the agenda for today. The rain has finally stopped and we are looking forward to challenging ourselves to reach our full potential.

Mrs Evans

Day 2 – Tuesday at 22:00

Wow! Another lovely day packed full of activities. The children have absolutely excelled themselves in courage, perseverance and team work. After dinner, we finished the evening with a night walk and songs around the campfire





Year 6 Residential at High Ashurst

Day 1 – Wednesday at 13:50

Mr Carter has phoned and advised that Year 6 have safely arrived at High Ashurst and they are about to start their activities. All children are very happy and well!

Day 2 – Thursday at 11:50


Having a lovely time today. Up early with the birds this morning! All children really enjoyed last night’s dinner and a good breakfast this morning. We have been solving problems on the challenge courses showing excellent collaboration and teamwork, climbing high and building shelters and fires in the woodland skills. Children have been using ‘challenge by choice’ to stretch themselves as Wray Common Citizens aspiring to be the best they can be.

Looking forward to our lunch outside on the picnic benches and some more fun, challenge and learning this afternoon.

Mr Carter

Day 2 – Thursday at 22:00


After a busy day yesterday we had a night walk and camp fire which the children enjoyed. Tonight, the children entertained us! They had the chance to put on a show, working with their team mates from their own teepee to produce a performance of their choosing. The performances were amazing and we all had lots of laughs and fun! We then had an outdoor sleeping bag story time before heading off to bed ready for the final activities tomorrow.

Mr Carter

Day 3 – Friday at 10:00

After the super entertainer last night, and a great night’s sleep, we had another lovely breakfast, showed our gratitude to the kitchen staff and tidied our teepees and luggage ready for later. We have now headed off for our exciting, final activities: woodland skills and high ropes climbing, feeling refreshed and ready for a challenge

Mr Carter

Day 3 – Friday at 14:30

Mr Carter has phoned and advised they have just left High Ashurst and should be back for normal pick-up time!