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Wray Common Primary School

A primary school for boys and girls aged 4 to 11


    1. The Role of Governors
    2. The Governing Body, consisting of a team of volunteers, works hard to act as a ‘critical friend’ for the senior management of the school. It is our role to hold the school to account in its efforts to continue to improve and strategically develop the school. Our overriding aim is improving the quality of education and standards of achievement at Wray Common Primary School.The Governing Body is made up of representatives from parents, staff (teaching or non-teaching) and the local community. The three key roles of the Governing Body are:
      1. Ensuring that the vision, ethos and strategic direction of the school are clearly defined.
      2. Ensuring that the head teacher performs their responsibilities for the educational performance of the school.
      3. Ensuring the sound, proper and effective use of the school’s financial resources.
        To this end, the Governing Body meets in seven times a year to discuss key strategic issues. Governors are involved with development planning, monitoring and evaluating performance, setting realistic but challenging targets for pupil performance and ensuring accountability. As well as monitoring the effectiveness of school policies we monitor different parts of the School Development Plan.

      There are 13 Governors on the Governing Body and the Constitution is made up as follows:

      2 Parent Governors (elected from the school parental population)

      2 Staff Governors (Head teacher and one other)

      9 Co-opted Governors (Will usually be from the local community and can include parents)

      In practical terms this means we, as Governors, must ensure we are fully involved, understand the vision of the school and ask questions and comment at meetings so that our role in leadership can be evidenced within governing body minutes. We also attend training courses and use the skills learnt in practical ways to benefit the school.

 Name Category Appointed by
Georgina Merryweather Co-Chair Co-opted Governors
Victoria Perrot Co-Chair Parent Parents
Becky Bottomley Vice-Chair Co-opted Governors
Sarah Munro Co-opted Governors
Lloyd Murphy Head
Sammy Palmer Staff Staff
Hannah Aitken Parent  Parents
Alina D’Cruz Co-opted  Governors
Sam Hollister Co-opted  Governors
Alex Bennett Co-opted Governors
Dan Major Co-opted Governors
Catriona Sanderson Clerk

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