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Wray Common Primary School

A primary school for boys and girls aged 4 to 11

Pupils’ Computing Work

Here at Wray Common School we are incredibly proud of the work our pupils produce. Please click on the links below to see some examples of our students’ computing work this year:

Year 1 To link to their Autumn 1 topic, the children used Paint to create their own pictures of fire. They inserted shapes and changed the colour of the background of their pictures.

Year 2 In Autumn 1, Year 2 focussed on programming. They wrote algorithms to programme their Turtle to move in shapes on the screen. They also worked on de-bugging and how to fix any mistakes in their algorithms. In Autumn 2, year 2 have focussed on developing their IT and presentation skills. They have used word to describe dragons. They have inserted pictures, changed the font type and size and effectively saved their work.

Year 4 In Autumn 1, Year 4 focussed on programming with a particular focus on ‘how computers work’. Their un-plugged learning linked to exploring ‘Binary code’ using multi-link cubes to get a real understanding of ‘How computers see the world’. They also developed their programming skills using LightBot to create a variety of algorithms. In Autumn 2, Year 4 have used word to develop their typing skills and presentation skills for their Lighthouse stories.

Year 5 In Autumn 1, Year 5 used their computing learning to develop their presentation skills linked to their topic. They created fact files about the Battle of Marathon and chose publisher to present their information. The children presented their work to include pictures, labels, backgrounds and text boxes to adapt the layout. In Autumn 2, Year 5 have linked their data collection and representation computing skills to their topic. They conducted a survey around school about river and transport. They presented their findings in a variety of ways selecting the most effective using excel.